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27-Apr-2010 049 Fixed a spelling error.
06-Jan-2010 129A Replaced a corrupted Monticello source file referenced from the noted page (129A).
26-Dec-2009 N/A All pages now include copyright 2010 statement.
24-Dec-2009 Home Minor tweak to home page to make the Notes link more obvious.
02-Dec-2009 087 Added a clarifying note based upon feedback from a student.
22-Oct-2009 136 Fixed a minor typo on page 136.
22-Oct-2009 145 Fixed a bug in the method #unusedRandomLocationIn:forGrid: on page 145.
22-Oct-2009 141 Added a warning note for students using Pharo about the absence of the LedMorph from that development environment.
22-Oct-2009 140 Fixed a typo on page 140 where I left a "placeholder" in the tutorial text and forgot to put the method name #setupMorphs in its place. Also added a direct link to release notes from the main page.
18-Oct-2009 017, 038 Added a clarifying note so the student doesn't worry about how to create the up-arrow character. Also added new details on how to create the grid direction class hierarchy and use the Squeal hierarchy browser.
06-Aug-2009 097 A line of code was missing from an instance method. I added some explanation, and the change needed on this page.
05-Aug-2009 096 Added a clarifying note so the student doesn't worry about what to do next.
18-Jun-2009 028 Added an important note ensuring that the student has really just created a Class method and not an Instance method.
09-May-2009 Changed my e-mail address from to This changed every page since the e-mail address is in the footer.
19-Mar-2009 Added a note to make it really obvious to new students that a Class method is being created.
08-Mar-2009 Added a compressed file containing the Change Sets for this tutorial's source kit. This can be used instead of Monticello to install the software. Notes on how to install these Change Sets are provided.
02-Mar-2009 Changed references to my e-mail address to no longer send to my mobile phone address.
24-Jan-2009 017 I was looking over some pages casually and spotted a typo.
20-Aug-2007 Fixed many typos, missing sections of instruction and added "inventory" pages showing all code that the reader should have installed. Completed first pass at "scrub" through sections 1 through 3.
31-Jul-2007 Changed all e-mail references to use my Yahoo mail address.
31-Jul-2007 103A Added a page to include some missing methods related to the rotate click region selection.
30-Jul-2007 092 A method was documented incorrectly on this page.
24-Jul-2007 073A Added a page of classes and methods inventory for review at the end of section 2. A Change Set of work up through the end of Section 2 is available from a link on that page.
23-Jul-2007 138 Fixed a problem with the source code shown in the #insideRegionExtent method.
23-Jul-2007 Notes 04 Just for fun I added a snap-shot of the longest path solution I've been able to work out so far.
23-Jul-2007 035A Added a page of classes and methods inventory for review at the end of section 1. A Change Set of work up through the end of Section 1 is available from a link on that page.
23-Jul-2007 077 Wrong source code in last segment.
21-Jul-2007   Added section headings everywhere. General layout of all pages changed.
20-Jul-2007 053, 065 The instructions for creation of the LaserGame morph was not very explicit on page 53. The later situation on page 65 where the morph is opened now has a note describing that the reader may have made an error back on page 53 if they didn't see LaserGame in the morphs menu.
19-Jul-2007 56 One of the browser snap-shots on this page was incorrect.
16-Jul-2007 218 Fixed problems with World menu and halos access in deployed image. Added a blank initial grid condition and unit test.
14-Jul-2007 Notes Source Page Just to show what is possible, I created the stand-alone Mac OS X version of this game with a custom icon and menu and posted it for download.
13-Jul-2007 214 Show the developer how to create a stand-alone application in OS X for our Laser Game written in Squeak. This section is Mac OS X specific.
12-Jul-2007 208 Completed the first pass at a deliverable application. It's still comprised of a Squeak VM and dedicated image file, and not enough of the development environment features are disabled yet, but it's a good start.
12-Jul-2007 18 Added another note to advise the reader if they are unable to find their test case in the Test Runner window.
10-Jul-2007 Introduction 15A

There's some new text in the Introduction section explaining how the tutorial begins with more browser screen-shots and why I'm doing that.

I've received a number of e-mails from programmers new to Smalltalk and/or Squeak that have made the mistake of creating their first test case class as a subclass of Object instead of TestCase. To help the reader not make that mistake I added a note to the page to ensure they did this step correctly. On that same page I also added more description and a visual for how the new method category is created.

06-Jul-2007 205 - 207 Wrote some preliminary code to support stand-alone application delivery.
07-Jul-2007 Notes

Changed the Workspace description for launching LaserGame morph now that version 20 was released.

Also changed the links for the packages to always point to a gerneric named package. The Mac OS X Unix scripts I'm using to backup and publish this tutorial now create these to avoid problems where I forget to update the file names for latest release packages.

Changed layout of "Notes" within the tutorial to be separate sections for each category (Packages, History, Comments).

06-Jul-2007 56 Forgot to include the source for the #offsetWithinGridForm on the CellRenderer class.
06-Jul-2007 15, 200 - 204

Corrections of typos and other errors, based upon user feedback. (NOTE: I'm placing comments in the HTML as possible to identify anyone who helps).

Also reworked the minor enhancements into a group of pages and added another enhancement for default LaserGame morph size.

06-Jul-2007 index Tweaked the colors of the Index page to tone it down a bit.
05-Jul-2007 200 Made some minor cosmetic tweaks. Added a larger margin around the edges for easier grabbing and moving. Added a tiny divider bar on the control panel.
04-Jul-2007 Index Format and presentation tweaks to index page.
03-Jul-2007 197 Fixed the alignment of the hint arrows within the mirror cells.
03-Jul-2007   Corrected the links to the source code packages.
02-Jul-2007 190 - 195 Removed some brittlesness from unit tests and changed the overall size of cells.
02-Jul-2007 95 Changed some of the history information for Halt Once.
02-Jul-2007 index , notes Changed organization of index page, source code, and added this edit history to the Notes page.
01-Jul-2007 188 , 189 Added Reset capability and showing laser beam home visually.
30-Jun-2007 183 Added Undo capability.
30-Jun-2007   Initial publication to World Wide Web.
08-May-2007   Initial writing begun.

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