Tutorial Source Code

The source for this tutorial is available in Monticello packages. Package links are in the table below. Download and save them to your hard disk. You will have to strip off the ".zip" file extensions from the downloaded files.

Monticello Packages
Application          Unit Tests         

It can be installed in a fresh Squeak 3.9 image. You should install the Application first if you also intend to install the Unit Tests.

Alternatively you can begin with a fresh Squeak image and just install the Change Sets for the Laser Game tutorial. There are 2 Change Sets contained in one ZIP file. Uncompress the ZIP file first and copy them into the directory where you have your fresh Squeak image. From a fresh Squeak image, using the FileList, select the "Laser-Game.1.cs" ChangeSet and click on the "Install" button. After that Change Set installs, which contains all of the model and graphics Squeak code, select the other Change Set, "LaserGame-Tests.1.cs", and install it. Be sure to save your image afterwards.

Create a Workspace window with the following code and execute to begin the game.

    fullWorld: false;
        position: 20@230;

A downloadable Mac OS X application for this game is available here.

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