Section 6

A Double-Clickable Mac Application

This next section is very Macintosh specific. It only works with Mac OS X. There may be ways to do this quite easily with other operating systems but I am not familiar with them enough to know.

We're going to take the basic Laser Game we just created and make a real double-clickable deliverable application file. Again, this is Mac OS X specific for Squeak.

Note that we still need to go back and deal with the fat image size, after all we haven't pruned anything out just yet, and a lot of programmer features still need to be disabled. But I want to take the reader through the process of making this deliverable before we do any other coding and clean-up work. What matters here is the process of deployment. What we ultimately deploy can still be refined.

We begin by creating a new Folder for the delivery of our new application. I named the folder "Laser Game Deployment".

The best thing to do next is to begin with the smallest Squeak 3.9 image you have. At this point we only have the original file from our download backup. Copy these files from the original Squeak 3.9 installation backup we made into the new "Laser Game Deployment" folder.

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