Section 5

A Missed Bug

You may have noticed while playing around with our little LaserGame that sometimes the push actions didn't always agree with the push hint. It's as if there's a mismatch somewhere when mapping the cursor position to the click regions. I thought about that and realized we had not run the unit tests for a while.

Sure enough. We have several failing unit tests. An error in our process is that we didn't run these tests each time before we saved the new package version. So who knows when we introduced whatever this problem is. However, I'm guessing it's related to when we changed the size of cells. When we make cells larger there could be problems with the unit tests since they have specific position coordinates they check for proper operation.

Even if the failing unit tests have nothing to do with the apparent click region errors we experienced, we need to go fix these tests before we get even farther out of whack.

The most important lesson here is that we should always run our unit tests before we version our packages. If the unit tests do not pass, we should not release a version of our code.

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