Section 4

Laser On Blank Cell

We can now draw the laser beam on the blank cells. That's the easiest case. The work will divide into a vertical and horizontal drawing technique. Here's the new horizontal laser beam drawing techniaue for a given mask form and given color. These are new instance methods on the BlankCellRenderer class.

renderLaserHorizontalMask: aMaskForm color: aColor
    | cellPosn scaledBeam scale trimmedBeam offset |
    cellPosn := self offsetWithinGridForm.
    scale := CellRenderer cellExtent * 6.
    scaledBeam := aMaskForm scaledToSize: scale.
    trimmedBeam := Form extent: (CellRenderer cellExtent x)@(scaledBeam height) depth: scaledBeam depth.
        displayOn: trimmedBeam
        at: 0@0
        clippingBox: trimmedBeam boundingBox
        rule: Form paint
        fillColor: nil.
    offset := 0@(4 + (CellRenderer cellExtent y - trimmedBeam height) // 2).
        displayOn: self targetForm
        at: (cellPosn + offset)
        clippingBox: self targetForm boundingBox
        rule: Form oldPaint
        fillColor: aColor

To use this we have to paint the laser beam from the two mask components in the order of splatter mask then center mask. Here are the rest of the horizonal laser beam drawing instance methods.

        renderLaserHorizontalMask: LaserGameForms splatterBeamMask
        color: LaserGameColors laserBeamSplatterColor

        renderLaserHorizontalMask: LaserGameForms centerBeamMask
        color: LaserGameColors laserBeamCenterColor

    self renderLaserHorizontalSplatter.
    self renderLaserHorizontalCenter.

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