A Squeak Development Example

Stephan B Wessels

Created: September 20, 2002
Latest Revision: July 4, 2007

This tutorial has been modified to account for Squeak 3.9.

There are now 4 tutorials. The first version is an exact copy of the original one I had written using Squeak 3.2. It used a Mac OS X computer and a Linux Mandrake computer interacting on a LAN. Some minor edits were made to the original to account for relocation of change sets on my enhancements page.

The second version of this tutorial uses Squeak 3.5 and two computers connected over a LAN. One system is again Mac OS X based, the other is a PC running Windows 98. The second, Squeak 3.5 example, also uses newer versions of fun enhancments I have written to work with Squeak 3.5. As in the previous tutorial the application of these enhancements is optional for the user.

The third version is for Squeak 3.9 users and is a rewrite using many of the same concepts.

The fourth version if for the Laser Game and is by far my best effort. It is targeted at Squeak 3.9.

Development Tutorial using Squeak 3.2

Development Tutorial using Squeak 3.5

Development Tutorial using Squeak 3.9 is no longer available. See the following tutorial instead.

Laser Game Development Example for Squeak 3.9

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Thanks goes out to the following individuals for constructive feedback and review:

Tommy Thorn, Steve Gilbert, Tim Rowledge, Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene, Jason Rogers, Doug Way, Kouji takahashi

This document was created using Squeak 3.5, Squeak 3.9 and TacoHTML.