Business trip to Jersey City, NJ

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Sunday 7 September 2014 9:36 am

I recently returned from a business trip to Jersey City, New Jersey. For those that do not know this is literally a river’s width from the lower tip of Manhattan. The hotel I stayed in (with a whopper of a +$1,700 bill) had million dollar views. Here are some photos I took while there. These were taken using my iPhone 4S, so the resolution is not as good as it would be if I were using an iPhone 5.

Click on the photos to see the full sized versions in a new browser view.

View from my hotel room
From my hotel room. My laptop was reflecting on the glass.

Outside of the hotel
Outside of the hotel

World Trade Center from Jersey shore
World Trade Center from Jersey shore

View while eating lunch
View from the hotel restaurant

This last photo is a panoramic I took from the Jersey shore line. The photo is large.


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