WWDC 2014 is coming!

Posted by steve | Apple Software and Hardware | Tuesday 27 May 2014 9:39 pm

Next week is the week Apple developers get all excited about WWDC. This is it. Apple will start their keynote on Monday and developers from all over the world will be in attendance during the week in San Francisco.

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference is the largest and longest continuous running developer conference in history. It hosts thousands of developers and the tickets sell out in seconds.

This year the keynote presentation will be live streamed. I almost feel like taking a vacation day just so I can stay online and watch as a substitute for being there. As I understand things Apple shuts down their engineering center in Cupertino and sends all the engineers on site to the conference to rub shoulders with their customer developers at technical sessions, workshops, and other conference events. I hope to get in there someday myself. It’s a pretty expensive proposition. The ticket costs money but the real killer is hotels and meals in San Francisco. Plus the flight to get there and back.

I’ll do it someday.

Last year Apple introduced iOS 7 key frameworks like iBeacon, SpriteKit and MultiPeerConnectivity that I ended up using in game apps I’ve produced this year. Apple also gave us Xcode 5 with built-in Xcode Services for Git and Testing Bots and first class Unit Test frameworks last year at the conference. All amazing tools.

In 2012 Apple introduced Passbook with iOS 6, among other things, and I did a lot of work with that. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for developers this year. I think Apple is on a roll. These are exciting times to be an iOS developer.

Apple has started to put up posters at the Moscone Center and the journalists are taking pictures and speculating wildly about the wording on posters for any hints about what lies ahead. Evidently the catch phrase this year is “Write the Code. Change the World.”

How cool is that?


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