Gave up one of my registered domains recently…

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Monday 30 September 2013 1:34 pm

Recently I decided not to renew one of my domains:

I initially used it as a testing ground for learning about server-side-includes and CSS. The site was merely operating as a “placeholder” for future work. It was full of interesting quotes I’d collected over the years. I should probably resurrect that page just because it’s still interesting.

Who knows, watch this space and I may do that.

You may be curious about the name “Befuddled Minds”. It was a name my wife shared with me when she tells a story about a university professor offering commentary on what a bunch of young people were doing. I think, if I get the story right, there were a bunch of folks all gathering in some public place to celebrate the “Harmonic Convergence” of the planets. Or something like that. Anyway the professor referred to them as a bunch of befuddled minds.

The web site was created to be a place to share stories of some of the really dumb things we see companies / management do sometimes. The problem is, even if you post a story that’s not about the place you work, people will think it is. I’m not Scott Adams posting Dilbert. So the idea was interesting but required more courage than I was willing to invest, even if the stories were about places from my past or places where people I know have worked. So it ended up being a placeholder.


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