Apple’s 50 Billion App Downloads Counter

Posted by steve | Apple Software and Hardware | Sunday 5 May 2013 1:50 pm

Apple has a promotion going on to celebrate the on-going success of the iOS App Store. They are approaching 50 billion downloads and intend to give a pretty substantial award to the person purchasing the 50 billionth app.

By itself, that’s pretty remarkable how well this new digital distribution of software is working. Here’s the countdown counter: 50 Billion Downloads Counter

But what just amazes me is the sheer scale of what we are seeing. That counter seems to be indicating that they are distributing about 1000 Apps per second.

As an iOS developer that’s pretty amazing to see and exciting to be a part of. I realize that “downloads” does not equal “sales” since quite a few Apps in the App Store are free, but still, that’s a lot of people using their iPhones and iPads accessing the Store for something to download.


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