Poem from Yes’ Relayer album

Posted by steve | Music | Monday 12 April 2010 1:51 am

In 1974 the progressive rock band Yes created an album that became one of my favorites. Inside the album cover, of a fantastic painting by Roger Dean, was a printed a poem. I still remember the opening lines of that poem and thought about it when awakening this morning. This is the poem:

Snakes are coiled upon the granite
Horsemen ride into the west
Moons are rising on the planet
where the worst must suffer like the rest.

Pears are ripe and peaches falling.
Suns are setting in the east.
Women wail, and men are calling
to the god that’s in them, and to the beast.

Love is waiting for a lover.
Generations kneel for peace.
What men lose, Man will recover
polishing the brains his bones release.

Truth conceals itself in error.
History reveals its face:
days of ecstasy and terror
invent the future that invents the race.

Donald Lehmkuhl
(c) October 1974


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