Playing Carcassonne in a restaurant

Posted by steve | Board Games | Sunday 11 April 2010 4:47 am

Last night Melissa and I went out for dinner.  I had a wonderful steak and lettuce wedge.  She was driving, so I also enjoyed margaritas with my meal.  We were fortunate enough to end up with a large table/booth because we brought along one of our favorite board games to enjoy while having our meal.

We brought along Carcassonne, the Travel Edition.

This is a special “baby” version of the standard Carcassonne game.  The tiles and the wooden components, known as Meeple, are all slightly smaller.

Photograph by Henning Förthmann

What’s really cool is that the game comes in a little cloth bag which is unfolded and laid flat on the table and used as the score board.

Photograph by Henning Förthmann

The interesting this is that we must have been placed, by the restaurant, in exactly the right location.  During our meal, we played 2 games, and we were frequently stopped by either other dinner guests or restaurant staff with questions and curiosity about the game.

That’s the first time that has happened to us.  Usually no one pays attention.  It was pretty cool having young folks and elderly folks stop over to ask what we were playing and how the game works.  Carcassonne is a beautiful game and an elegant design.

We ended up sharing information about some local game shops where you can purchase the game as well as our favorite on-line games retailer Thought Hammer.  My wife also shared with them the URL for my BLOG about board games A World Without String.  Note to self:  Write more often to your BLOG.

We had time to play 2 games.  The Travel Carcassonne game plays pretty quick because it’s only the basic game and doesn’t have any of those wonderful but game-lengthening expansions.  She beat me in the first game, which happens a lot when we play Carcassonne.  But I won the second game.  We noticed that, for some reason, I played better once I had 2 Margaritas in me.

Playing Carcassonne while waiting for dinner and during our meal was quite a bit of fun.  I’m certain we introduced a few new people to Euro-Games too.


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