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Posted by steve | Smalltalk | Monday 5 April 2010 8:22 pm

While I’m busy posting about Smalltalk….

Something very interesting happened to me today.  One of the developers I work with came to me and explained that he downloaded and tried Cincom Smalltalk over the weekend.  He’s already familiar with Smalltalk since we use Visual Age Smalltalk everyday, and he knows I’m also a Squeak advocate.

It was funny to me when he mentioned how impressed he was with the professional quality of the product.  My first reaction was to think “of course it is”.  Then I commented that I think VisualWorks (or whatever they are really calling it nowadays) is one of the finest Smalltalk products on the market.  No, I’m not putting in a plug for Cincom and I don’t owe them any favors.  I used to work with VisualWorks years ago and came to appreciate how well crafted that dialect of Smalltalk is.

I often write here about Squeak but then realized that I’ve never said much about VisualWorks or Visual Age, the 2 leading commercial professional Smalltalk products available today.  They really deserve a look.

Here’s the link for Cincom Smalltalk: Cincom Smalltalk. They offer a non-commercial license and you will find a rich family of experienced VisualWorks developers available in the community.


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  1. Comment by Suzanne — April 23, 2010 @ 2:32 pm

    Thank you Steve 🙂

    Please don’t forget about ObjectStudio our Smalltalk offering for Microsoft shops.

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