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Posted by steve | Music | Wednesday 8 April 2009 6:41 pm

Someone asked me recently what interesting Podcasts I’ve been listening to. So I decided to make a simple entry here, but exclude Podcasts about software and board games.

These have been on my hot lists lately.

The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe is published by The New England Skeptical Society. I really enjoy listening to these guys as they take on the pseudo science and other ignorance expressed in our society.

Dan Carlin has a lot of energy and opinions. He talks really fast, and I find his “take” on things happening in our world to be very insightful. He actually does 2 Podcasts. The “Common Sense” show is where he discusses politics and events. The “Hardcore History” program is surprisingly entertaining. I actually listen to both. The history podcast is published less frequently.

It’s no secret that I enjoy the television show LOST. There’s an abundant supply of Podcasts about LOST. I don’t listen to this Podcast as often, but Stephanie and Cliff Ravenscraft produce a very entertaining program from their Generally Speaking Podcast Network.

Last one. I love classical music, opera, movie soundtracks, and jazz. But I really love Progressive Rock. These guys put out a very entertaining and informative Podcast on Progressive Rock music. They haven’t published since December 2008 but I hope to see them resume soon.

Now I still mostly listen to Board Game and Software Development related Podcasts. I also still listen to audiobooks quite often, especially if I know I’ll be taking a long driving trip.


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