Programmable programming languages

Posted by steve | Smalltalk | Tuesday 7 April 2009 7:40 am

Just read an article about LISP where the author mentions “programmable programming languages”. I love meta programming too. I first learned LISP 20 years ago at the urgings of my friend Larry Hollingshead. He’s the one who introduced me to Smalltalk back then too.

The comment about meta-programming reminds me of a quote I once heard that Alan Kay had said about Smalltalk programming. “How come no one ever subclasses Class?”

That’s what I love about the Smalltalk community. Programming about programming is fun.

Long live the “Meta Object”.



  1. Comment by Kalan Ay — April 25, 2009 @ 4:58 pm

    I think he said that about Behaviour.

  2. Comment by steve — May 17, 2009 @ 8:40 am

    Thanks. I’m glad to have new information.

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