Our cat Moses

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Wednesday 29 October 2008 2:48 am

We have cat named Moses. He has lived with us for more than 10 years. He is by far the best cat I have ever known and is loved by our family.

There are some odd behaviors for this cat. ┬áHe does what my wife calls “silent meows”. Oh he can talk, meow. But sometimes when you look at him he will open his mouth slightly, not a yawn, and mimic a meow. No sound. It’s cute to see.

Or have you ever heard of a cat that likes a shower? Seriously. Our shower has a sliding glass door. When you are in the shower in the morning he likes to come “visit”. He’ll take a paw and work the sliding door ajar and then slide it open. Then he sticks his face inside and tries to get the spray from the shower onto his head. It’s the darndest thing. His fur has that protective pelt so the water dropplets kind of lay about his fur.

He also sleeps under the bed covers. And likes to lay his head on the pillow right next to my wife.

I think he thinks he is human.


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