More VEX competition pics

Posted by steve | Education | Saturday 4 April 2009 9:05 am

We’re about 2 hours into the competition event. I took some snap shots with my iPhone.

I’m really too far away for much detail. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some HD video clips later.

NASA has a live webcast you can watch. Just Google for “VEX Omaha competition webcast”.

Just a follow-up note. I’m proud to say that Buffett Magnet Middle School, along with their team alliance partner, placed first place in the competition in the Middle School category. This parent is proud because Nicholas is Team Captain of Buffett’s winning team.

From here the team goes on to compete in the VEX World Championship in Dallas, Texas in May. We’ve already got our rooms booked. When they compete in the World Championship they will be up against High School students. Being as this is the first year for the Buffett team, that should prove to be very exciting.


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