TIP: Power down your iPhone once a week

Posted by steve | Mobile Phones | Thursday 26 March 2009 5:57 am

This morning I was trying to use the New York Times iPhone app. It was failing to launch. It would start up with it’s splash screen and then exit.

I remembered a tip I got from a technician at the local Apple store. He suggested that it was a good idea to power off my iPhone about once a week. You can turn it right back on afterwards. This is supposed to help with some memory or heap fragmentation issues with some of the apps.

It’s been my experience that this usually solves the problem. That particular iPhone app (New York Times) has had this particular problem from back when it became first available. It was pretty severe for this app with the first version. The software developer(s) have made updates that solved how often this was happening. But, this morning, it was failing to launch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the power down sequence on an iPhone, it’s simple. Press and hold the button at the top edge of the phone until the screen shows a slider that says “Power Off”. Let go of the button and then do what it says.


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