Theft from our garages

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Saturday 14 February 2009 11:15 am

We awoke this morning to discover that someone had broken into every garage attached to our apartment building, overnight. It looks like whoever did this was in a hurry and busted open the walk-in doors for every garage. Our family has 2 units here. According to the Omaha Police, all 14 garages were raided.

It was quite a mess. They went through boxes, automobile trunks and the glove boxes (where you usually keep paperwork) for every car. The trunks were found to be left open and car doors ajar. Paperwork was scattered everywhere.

No one was injured, and it was weird what appears to have been stolen. For example, I had an expensive Nikon 35mm SLR with an extra telephoto lens, filters, telescope mount and external flash unit that were left behind. Both camera bags were ransacked but nothing was taken; the contents were scattered on the garage floor.

My wife kept 2 very nice digital scales in the trunk of her Acura. They are used for weighing food. Those were taken. The police said that digital scales are taken for use with drugs. So, she’s pretty mad about losing those since she researched the Internet and purchased those specific scales.

Our renter’s insurance covers this sort of thing but we have a $1,000.00 deductible. So we’re going to be paying for the replacements out of our own pocket.

Except for the scales, it looks like nothing important was stolen.


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