Posted by steve | General Commentary | Sunday 8 July 2012 7:15 pm

I saw the new science fiction film from Ridley Scott, Prometheus this week.

From when I first heard about it and after watching every trailer and reading every interview I could find about the film, I was pretty excited to go see it. My expectations were pretty high. I knew Ridley Scott would do a great science fiction film, the Alien movie series is still one of my favorites, and when I heard Damon Lindeloff was writing for the movie, those were all very positive signs for me.

Let me just get this said. I really liked the movie.

Now, I also admit that there were high points and low points. The way the movie began was a very interesting story line and I thought quite creative and full of mystery and questions. A great start for the film. There were numerous places in the movie when I found myself wondering where they were going with the story. There were also a few places where it felt very formulaic — as if the studio paying the bills pushed to have certain parts thrown in. And there were a few spots in the film where I thought, “What the hell?”

A few days after seeing the film I wanted more. More story. More movie. More answers and I had even more questions. Thinking back over the film I realize now I want to see it again. I was originally a little disappointed when leaving the theater. But now with reflection I began to realize that I really dig what Ridley and Damon are doing with this idea. The movie has an interesting story to tell which hopefully will lead to more sequels. The one thing I will say is that it was not a scary movie, the way Alien was. And I expected that. But it’s real science fiction with some of that “suspension of disbelief”.