Laser Table Game on the App Store

Posted by steve | Apple Software and Hardware,Mobile Phones,Smalltalk | Monday 4 July 2011 10:10 am

I decided last Fall to take a crack at writing an App for the iPhone and iPad to be included in the App Store. Using my Laser Game published as a tutorial for Squeak as a starting point, I rewrote the App using Objective-C. The idea was to keep as much of the initial design and Smalltalk object models as possible.

Now I had seen Objective-C many years ago, 1993 I think it was, when I was investigating NeXT Step on Intel computers. And I knew it was a “cousin” to Smalltalk, having been launched by Brad Cox as an attempt to make Smalltalk-like programming on top of C. That may just be a poorly formed opinion of my own about Objective-C’s roots. I had not programmed in C since maybe the late ’80s.

So with a few books and tutorials on learning Objective-C in hand I dove in. At first, not unexpectedly, I was very frustrated with the tools and libraries because of a lack of familiarity. On the other hand, I can see why there’s developer loyalty about Objective-C. It is actually enjoyable coding once you get use to things.

Okay, long story short, I’ve published my App in June 2011 after many interruptions and typical other distractions — including being very busy at my regular Smalltalk professional work. After that initial hurdle of getting the first App finished and published, it’s been quite enjoyable to add new features and also polish up the code. As I’ve gotten smarter about coding in Objective-C I’ve been changing the implementation, refactoring and replacing code here and there.

Without any real attempt at marketing the App, I’ve had some success in sales. That was a real surprise. My purpose was to gain the experience of writing an App for the iPhone and iPad and to have something to point to as a “notch on my resume” for technical skills. It didn’t matter to me at all if the game sold. But I am delighted to see people have been downloading it and playing the game. In fact, what’s really cool is that people all over the world have downloaded and installed my Laser Game App. Apple makes publication of Apps worldwide very easy to do.

I just submitted Version 1.2 to Apple for approval. Considering the Fourth of July holiday I suspect it will be approved around mid-to-late-week coming up. The V1.2 update is a significant improvement over the previous designs. I feel like I’m just starting to get on a roll here.

The App has it’s own web page for news and support. I recently published some screenshots showing how the new release appears.

All in all, I really prefer working in Smalltalk and am much faster at developing there than in Objective-C. And that’s to be expected since I’ve been doing Object Oriented work with Smalltalk since the late ’80s. But I can say that developing for the iPhone and iPad with Objective-C is quite enjoyable and I hope to keep getting better. Also, it really is cool having my own App running on my iPhone and iPad.

More to come, I’m sure.