In praise of Apple’s iBooks reader

Posted by steve | Apple Software and Hardware | Tuesday 13 July 2010 8:30 pm

As I’ve posted before, I was recently given an iPad. And I am very impressed with this device. The screen is fabulous and the speed is fantastic. I am fortunate enough to have an iPad 3G with 64GB memory thanks to my lovely wife, Melissa.

I originally began to use it for my regular web surfing and to watch movies. And with the really great battery life I have been seeing and high portability, the iPad is excellent for that. However I never expected the free Apple book reader application iBooks to be so compelling. I have already read 2 books and have several in process.

The other day it hit me that I have already begun to utilize books differently. For starters, Apple makes it so easy to find books and purchase them that it is difficult to resist adding several at a time to your personal library. I’m sure that’s the general idea. But here is what surprised me. First some background. I tend to, when purchasing real physical books, select hardbound over soft cover. And I also tend to treat the books with great care. I never write in my books or fold pages over.

With the iBooks app that all changed. Besides the fact that I can carry around a library of books effortlessly, I now routinely highlight and annotate sections of the ebooks. The app makes that easy and, just as importantly, highlights are simple to find because they are all indexed as you create them. Here is an example from a recent book I completed reading.

That feature alone is pretty neat.