Deactivated my Face Book account

Posted by steve | Blogging,General Commentary | Saturday 12 December 2009 4:55 pm

I’ve deleted, or deactivated, my FaceBook account. I know there has been a lot of Internet buzz recently about changes that FaceBook has made to its privacy agreement, but that really has no bearing on my reasons for deactivating. It just no longer interests me.

I believe that FaceBook has become the AOL or MySpace of the Internet. There is a lot of uninteresting junk, too much traffic, and I’m not interested spending mental bandwidth keeping up with it.

I have this BLOG space for sharing opinions, a personal web site, my board gaming BLOG for other hobbies, my Squeak Enhancements site for sharing specific technical stuff, and I still use Flickr for photos.

My preferred way of communicating daily status and thoughts is to utilize the micro-blogging tool Twitter. With Twitter I feel more connected with what I need to know and easily share with others.