Enjoying my work

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Friday 22 May 2009 5:27 am

I can tell when I’m enjoying whatever project I’m working on. This is true for projects at work or personal projects. When I awake in the morning full of ideas about the next steps I’ll be taking on the project, that’s a good sign.

Speaking of signs about mental health, a friend of mine shared an interesting observation about me many years ago. It’s probably pretty obvious that I really enjoy writing code. I write software for a living and I write software for personal hobby projects. Most of that work professionally and personally has been Smalltalk programming – VisualWorks, Visual Age professionally, and Squeak for personal projects and presentations.

My friend noted that it was a sure sign of my mental well being to ask me if I was writing any Squeak code lately. Whenever I said “No”, he knew that things were not going well for me.