Progress on my GEDCOM publisher

Posted by steve | Smalltalk | Wednesday 22 April 2009 9:40 pm

For many years now I’ve had a Smalltalk tool written with Squeak that would process a standard genealogy GEDCOM file and create a suite of HTML pages. I’ve been meaning to write an editor for the actual genealogy data using Squeak but there’s always been some other project that wins in priority. I know, I know, I’m diverting attention from getting my Squeak Laser Game Tutorial book completed. But writing code is so much more fun.

As I had written here before, when I went to Cincinnati earlier this month I spent some time with my mother reviewing updates of information we had regarding my family tree. Well, that decided it for me. Rather than use some 3rd party tool to edit GEDCOM data I decided to write my own in Smalltalk. The basic presentation tool is working correctly. I still need to write the individual dialogs for each specific edit (individual, family, children), but that should turn out to be fun and worthwhile.

Here’s a screen shot of the current state of my editing tool.

GEDCOM Publisher editing tool in Squeak

GEDCOM Publisher editing tool in Squeak

The data is currently showing my mother, the spouses she has had, my father (the spouse I was named after), and her children from that family. For folks familiar with Squeak’s Morphic graphics, you can see that I did some custom work for the list panes used in this editor. I added column lines and list header lines.

That’s it. I just wanted to post a note about the work I’ve been doing on this personal project in Squeak.