Kia Soul – name combinations

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Friday 10 April 2009 3:27 am

I saw the television commercial last night for the new compact car from Kia. They call it “Soul”. It’s the commercial with all the hamsters. Cute commercial, and the commercial works because here I am talking about it.

But what struck me was the name of the car, “Soul”, and all the word tricks possible.

Imagine the new car salesman: Selling Souls.

The new customer: I bought a new Soul today.

The trade-in: I traded my Soul in for a Hummer.

The owner after a “fender bender”: I damaged my Soul today.

Truck driver for the dealer: I delivered a lot of Souls today.

That’s all fun. You have to wonder, were the Koreans that aware of American culture when they chose the name? Pretty clever or accidentally clever?