Programmable programming languages

Posted by steve | Smalltalk | Tuesday 7 April 2009 7:40 am

Just read an article about LISP where the author mentions “programmable programming languages”. I love meta programming too. I first learned LISP 20 years ago at the urgings of my friend Larry Hollingshead. He’s the one who introduced me to Smalltalk back then too.

The comment about meta-programming reminds me of a quote I once heard that Alan Kay had said about Smalltalk programming. “How come no one ever subclasses Class?”

That’s what I love about the Smalltalk community. Programming about programming is fun.

Long live the “Meta Object”.


Drove to Cincinnati

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Tuesday 7 April 2009 6:54 am

Made the drive from Omaha to Cincinnati yesterday. Long drive. I was surprised that we encountered no snow along the way. With exception of road construction and numerous speed traps I saw, traveling conditions were great. We arrived around 1:00 AM last night.

Melissa, Nicholas and I are visiting friends and family during his Spring Break. I haven’t been home to see Mom for about 2 years. It will be good to spend time with her. We’re also going to drop in on Uncle Hermann this week. His wife past away recently and we were unable to come to the funeral. He’s a good uncle to have.

Of course I’ll also stop and spend time with my long time friend Paul. We’ll do some “geek stuff” together and probably also get together with our wives for an evening of conversation and board games.

I know that Melissa also wants to see Mom again, although she’s been here several times without me. She plans to visit some friends too.

Nicholas, the “robot master”, will spend most of this trip with his Dad and siblings. I know he’s looking forward to that very much.

Unfortunately we have to leave on Saturday, so we will not be here for Easter Sunday.

I haven’t taken a real vacation away from work in a while, so I’m looking forward to that with this trip too.