VEX Robotics Championship of the Americas

Posted by steve | Education | Friday 3 April 2009 9:25 pm

This weekend the VEX Robotics Championship of the Americas is being held right here in my home town of Omaha.

It’s a pretty big deal, with High School and Junior High School kids from all over the United States and even some from other countries competing in robotics. It’s a lot of fun to watch. My step-son Nicholas is captain of the robotics team from his Junior High School (Buffet Magnet Middle School) and they are participating in this event. At the end of the day Friday they are 4-and-1, having won every match but the last one where they had developed a stripped motor and lost steering capability. The boys (and some girls) are having fun.

NASA is one of the sponsors of this event and even has a live webcast, as well as broadcasting on NASA TV.

I hope to publish some photographs and maybe even some video clips from the event.