iPhone 3.0

Posted by steve | Mobile Phones | Friday 20 March 2009 5:42 am

Last night i watched the keynote podcast of the iPhone 3.0 software update. You can find it, as a free download, in the iTunes Music Store under Podcasts.

Apple is really pushing new features and application enhancements out for their mobile platform.

It’s cool to know all these developers are writing in Objective-C too.

Certainly, with a presentation geared towards developers, there was a lot of information about the explosive growth in the iPhone applications market. Writing apps for the iPhone looks attractive.

Overall, I’m impressed with how dynamic the iPhone software is. Apple has not only produced an amazing hand-held mobile device, they are executing effective meaningful updates to the product line. Software extendability done well and often makes for an incredible investment for the consumer owning an iPhone.

It’s exciting to understand that we are seeing the beginnings of a highly functional product line.

I’m impressed.