TIP: Power down your iPhone once a week

Posted by steve | Mobile Phones | Thursday 26 March 2009 5:57 am

This morning I was trying to use the New York Times iPhone app. It was failing to launch. It would start up with it’s splash screen and then exit.

I remembered a tip I got from a technician at the local Apple store. He suggested that it was a good idea to power off my iPhone about once a week. You can turn it right back on afterwards. This is supposed to help with some memory or heap fragmentation issues with some of the apps.

It’s been my experience that this usually solves the problem. That particular iPhone app (New York Times) has had this particular problem from back when it became first available. It was pretty severe for this app with the first version. The software developer(s) have made updates that solved how often this was happening. But, this morning, it was failing to launch.

If you’re unfamiliar with the power down sequence on an iPhone, it’s simple. Press and hold the button at the top edge of the phone until the screen shows a slider that says “Power Off”. Let go of the button and then do what it says.


iPhone 3.0

Posted by steve | Mobile Phones | Friday 20 March 2009 5:42 am

Last night i watched the keynote podcast of the iPhone 3.0 software update. You can find it, as a free download, in the iTunes Music Store under Podcasts.

Apple is really pushing new features and application enhancements out for their mobile platform.

It’s cool to know all these developers are writing in Objective-C too.

Certainly, with a presentation geared towards developers, there was a lot of information about the explosive growth in the iPhone applications market. Writing apps for the iPhone looks attractive.

Overall, I’m impressed with how dynamic the iPhone software is. Apple has not only produced an amazing hand-held mobile device, they are executing effective meaningful updates to the product line. Software extendability done well and often makes for an incredible investment for the consumer owning an iPhone.

It’s exciting to understand that we are seeing the beginnings of a highly functional product line.

I’m impressed.


Nicholas’s 15th Birthday

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Saturday 14 March 2009 10:12 am

Melissa and I went to the Apple Store last night and purchased a new MacBook for Nicholas’ 15th birthday. He’s been using an iMac that’s about 8 years old and it was time for an upgrade.

We looked over the available new iMac computers, and those are quite impressive to see and seem like a great value. But the future of personal computer is what I have previously called “nomadic computing”. Notebooks are the way to go. Today’s notebook computers are incredibly powerful and have great battery life. Even the low-end MacBook we purchased is incredibly fast and powerful. We did have it upgraded to 4GB of RAM and added the 3-year Apple Care insurance.

He had no idea we were planning this. Instead he had asked if maybe we would pay for upgrade components for his older iMac. So, to continue the deception, I asked if I could take his old iMac into our bedroom and install whatever upgrade components we purchased for him that evening.

Instead I was connecting the 2 Macs together with a Firewire cable and doing a complete accounts transfer to the new notebook. After setting it all up, Melissa and I wrapped it up and gave it to him on his birthday, the next morning.

I took photos of the unwrapping and Melissa posted this web site for sharing.

Happy birthday Nicholas. That was fun.

Oh yea, it’s official now, Nicholas’ birthday, March 14th, is National PI Day.