Wall E is available on DVD and Blu Ray

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Tuesday 18 November 2008 11:29 pm

The Pixar movie Wall-E is available for purchase in DVD and BluRay disc.  I’m not trying to promote the purchase of the film as much as just share another personal reaction watching it.

We picked up our copy tonight at Target.  The really cool thing is you can purchase the movie with an additional copy included that allows a digital installation into your iTunes library.  Not sure if the regular DVD has this as an option.  I did the installation of the digital copy to iTunes and it was simple to later synch it up with my iPhone and watch it from either my Mac or the phone.  And of course the BlueRay version looks fantastic on the HDTV.

The movie is about 90 minutes.  We sat down and watched it once again and I was reminded how heart-warming and wonderful it is to watch this Pixar/Disney film.  The animators have gotten so much “life” out of the handful of robots that star in the story.  I think Pixar has another great film on their hands, easily in the same league as “Finding Nemo”.