While leaving the polling place…

Posted by steve | Politics | Tuesday 4 November 2008 2:44 pm

No cell phones inside and the place was quiet but busy. There were 2 long lines of about 60 people each.

As I was leaving the guy walking behind me commented that it seemed like a really big turnout. We both paused to look at all the cars parked around us.

I said, “This feels like the most exciting Presidential election I can remember in years.”

He responded, with panic on his voice, “Exciting? More like scary if you ask me.”



Vote 2008

Posted by steve | Politics | Tuesday 4 November 2008 1:25 pm

I cannot remember this much excitement about a Presidential election in a long time. It really does feel like an historic election.

And remember when this all began? I was so sure that Hillary Clinton was going to be our next President. Things have sure changed.

Be prepared, and be sure to vote today.


A dog traveling in style

Posted by steve | General Commentary | Tuesday 4 November 2008 12:15 pm

Our family was traveling by car in the South recently. And while driving along the Interstate highway we came upon something quite fun to see.

There was a motorcycle pulling a trailer that had been outfitted to carry a dog. Here’s the picture.

If you look carefully at the dog you’ll see it’s wearing eye goggles.

Too cute.